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Güzel Karamürsel (Beautiful Karamursel) 1972 - 1975

Merhaba (Hello)

Faraway places! Sigh - My how the time flies. It is hard to believe that these wonderful memories and friends came into the lives of Beth and myself so many years ago. Beth and I were privileged to travel to many places far from home. Once a person lives in another culture, the world is never the same. We hope you enjoy the music, pictures, and descriptions of our three years in Turkey.

In 1999, Al and Liz Skyler returned to Karamursel. To enjoy reading about their trip, go to the top and press the Return in 99 title. Also they made the trip down the "Mother Road" Route 66 in 2008. To enjoy that trip click on Go to Contents Page above. To see present day Karamursel, click on the Karamursel Today title at the top.

Also there are two other pages you might enjoy. The page Beautiful is of Karamursel Turkey in the early seventies. The page Trip of Wonder is the camping trip that sparked interest in traveling way back in 1961.

Please remember, this site is now written from the perspective of someone over 60 years old, not someone in their early 20's as I was then. Looking back I remember a youth who was kind of "scatter brained". We hope you enjoy traveling through the past with us. Be sure and look at the Photo Gallery page above. Most of our pictures are inside it. John Butts talks about the awesome Charlie Flight football team of 1970. For this click on KCDI People in the contents page.

Turkey is the location of the hub for the expansion of early Christianity to the world during the days of Paul, Peter, Barnabas, and Silas. Walking and visiting in that area just shouts of the Biblical History around every mountain and valley. Beth and I try to convey some of the excitement that we experienced as we ventured through this land mentioned many times in ACTS and the NEW TESTAMENT of the Bible.

Eski Fabrika - Our neighborhood on the Marmara Sea - 1975

The Base

The Elephant Cage

The Main Front Gate of the Base

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To see slide shows of Karamursel and different trips: first click on the Photo Gallery page at top. Then click on the trip album, then click on slide show.

Life is a sum of memories. What wonderful memories we have of Karamursel. A time of youth, adventure, energy, and passion. "WOW!"

Especially we want to personally thank all those who are presently serving in the armed forces of the USA all around the world. So many opportunities will be yours as time advances. Thank you and please take a look at the following link!

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